Cute Outfit But You Gotta Go Home || 50 Cent Tells Cardi B



50 Cent is an active social media user, so seeing the rapper pop up in another artist’s comments section isn’t so surprising. What might be suprising is the way in which he has been engaging with Cardi B and Offset since their breakup. Recently, he told Offset to reconcile with his wife and that he “didn’t give a fuck” about Cardi B’s opinion of the matter. Now, he’s communicating with Cardi directly.

The “Ring” rapper posted a clip of herself, sitting pretty in Thai-inspired garb. While the video shows Cardi speaking to someone standing outside of the shot, the sound is off, indicating that the focus is all about her blinged-out attire. 50 Cent caught on to this intention but still felt the need to remind Cardi of her husband he  says she should  go back home . see Cardi’s instagram post and 50 Cents comment below



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