Letter To President Buhari By The Prophetess On coronavirus ( Must Read)

President Buhari !!!
I The Lord Of host speak through My Prophetess to Tell You this Message, I saw the fear of GOD in Your Life and in everything you do , I Jehovah Jireh That i won the beginning and the end of your life , why did you ask my people not to serve me again can your might , power, knowledge or money resolve the problems facing the world now if not got my power
Proverb 18:10
Matthew 10:27
Jeremiah 32:17 and 27

President Buhari , starting form tomorrow 05-040-2020 , let my people serve , honor and worship me. let them open all churches and mosques let my people call upon my name for i am Jehovah Jireh see this is my wrath upon you all , there is no one that can stop it
Isaiah 28: 14-19
Isaiah 40: 14-29

Let all people return back to their work
So let all the committees come together and do meeting before tomorrow morning and let every Muslims and Christians open their Churches ad Mosque .
Isaiah 40:5 for thy lord of host speak this
Proverb 18:10
Ecce 12:13

The name of thy lord is the best solution in all over the world

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