Google launches new aqua color of Home Mini speaker ahead of Pixel 3 event

Google is debuting a new color of its $49 Google Home Mini speaker just a week before the company’s October 9th event, indicating that the device won’t see a more substantial design refresh this year.

The latest color is called aqua, and Google describes it as a “minty blue color that fits perfectly into the Made by Google family” and says “the new color emits soothing vibes.” Personally, I think I agree with my colleague Jake who commented that it looks very Instagrammable, but maybe wouldn’t be my top pick for the one to buy. The Home Mini also remains available in chalk (white), charcoal (dark gray), and coral (red / pink). Aqua starts shipping on October 29th.

It’s expected that the upcoming Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL smartphones will also be offered in aqua. A promotional website from Google revealed that the devices will come in three colors: white, black, and a third option that looks basically identical to the latest Home Mini.

If the Home Mini isn’t being updated on October 9th, what does that mean for the other Home speakers? This is the most popular device in the line, according to Google, so it’d be a bit strange to update the pricier models and leave this one alone aside from a new color. Amazon hasn’t slowed the pace of its Echo products — a new Dot is shipping this month — but it seems Google is satisfied enough with the 2017 Home speakers to give them more time on shelves.

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