Tech: How To Get Free Data On Any Network

✓Firstly download this app called dent right through the link below👇

✓Now after you have downloaded, sign up to receive free 195 dents. Now those point are converted into data on any network of your choice.

✅And this also work for people residing in south Africa, Ghana e.t.c.👌

Now let’s see how many dents point you need in order to get 1gb of data on any network most especially on MTN.

Let’s say you refer people to increase your dents

1 referral = 230dents

2169 dents = 1.5gb MTN

✓The most astonishing things about it is that, it does work with mtn double data.

✓So enjoy guys and feel free to ask anything you seem not to get about it and we will be glad to help.
👉🏿Download the application through the link, after that open the application and register it with your number that is present on your phone…
👉🏿Then you will be given free Dent to buy data…..
To earn more Dent….
👉🏿Just copy your link to your browser and clear all data of the Dent application under the setting of your phone…
👉🏿Then browse through your link… Your link will forward you to the play store, just open the application back and use another number that is present on your phone to do another registration…
👉🏿Then your Dent will be accumulating, so the more numbers to use to register the more Dent you will receive…
👉🏿And the more data you will have
Have been earning free data from this application since last month! Don’t be left out..

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